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I'm here to empower you in uncovering the root causes of any issue, guiding you in questioning your thoughts, providing valuable tools and resources, and helping you cultivate a new mindset and nutrition approach for lasting positive change. Let's embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness and personal growth together.

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Reviews from Kick It Out Members

Kelli Burau

"A true mentor for myself in both physical and mental health, her guidance and knowledge has helped in so many aspects of my life. 

Being around Stacy, makes a person feel alive and inspired.  It makes you strive to be a better human by being in her presence.  

My head space is so different with the tips and tricks that Stacy has shared with me.  

Forever grateful for Stacy as a mentor and educator."

Callie Anderson

“Before embarking on this coaching journey, I found myself overwhelmed by the relentless waves of anxiety and stress that seemed to dictate my daily life. Stacy approached my struggles with unwavering empathy, creating a safe space for me to openly share my thoughts and emotions. Through gentle encouragement, Stacy guided me with my anxiety, fostering a sense of self-awareness that became the foundation for my personal growth. Stacys commitment to helping me develop coping mechanisms and strategies to my unique situation introduced me to mindfulness practices, and other invaluable tools that gradually transformed my approach to managing my anxiety. ”

Brittney Kaufmann

"Contagious energy! Infectious passion! Extraordinary vision! Gentle compassion!
Incredible knowledge!
Stacy has an aura that radiates kindness and truly inspires. Her genuine love for people is evident in the way she invests time into every person she coaches. Her selfless nature creates an environment where vulnerability and personal growth seems easy...and so fun!

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